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What about shipping costs?

We provide FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world.

All bracelets will be shipped within two working days and should arrive within two working days after shipment.

Please be aware of an extended shipping time for all other countries outside  the Netherlands. Shipping can take up to three weeks. Please use the contact form for more information.

Can I wear my Infinity bracelet day and night?

Yes, you can wear your Infinity Bracelet 24/7.

Usage in bath or shower is absolutely no problem.

Sea- or chlorinewater will change the color (oxidation) of the copper Infinity Bracelets’.

How to clean my Infinity Bracelet?

The steel and bronze Infinity bracelet can be rinsed or cleaned with soapy water.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and can become a bit darker while wearing day & night, to clean or optimize the pinkish bronze just use a saucer filled with lemon-juice for few hours. Amazing result to try!

I want a customized ‘Infinity Bracelet’!

Yes, we can personalize your genuine guitar string infinity bracelets.

Minimum quantity order is 25 pieces.

Send your logo of initial(s) to:

I have ordered the wrong size or color, what should I do?

You can return the bracelet within two days after receiving your order.

You take care of the shipping costs when returning.

‘JustInfinity’ charges €2,50 handling and shipping costs re-sending your order.

Please contact

Of which material is the Infinity Bracelet being made of?

The Infinity bracelet is made from an authentic 100% steel or bronze guitar string used by many (international) musicians. The sliders which open and close the infinity bracelet are designed and casted in 925 Sterling silver or in bronze.

Does the Infinity Bracelet discolorize or change color?

Yes, that’s possible.

Salty seawater of cholized swimming-pool water will oxidate the copper bracelets.

Best option: do not wear your copper Infinity Bracelets while (sea or pool) swimming.

Using shower or bath(tub) is no problem (no use of sea-miniral scrubsalt).

Where is my Infinity Bracelet being made?

The Infinity Bracelets are designed and produced by Design Studio & Jeweler ÉtoileMaastricht in the Netherlands.

Stokstraat 9
6211 GB  Maastricht
The Netherlands
Phone: 0031.43.8802585
E-mail: or use the contact form.

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